Help Equalize Temperatures

Whalenado’s HVLS airfoils neutralize hot/cold zones through thermal

destratification to create a safer, more comfortable working environment.


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Whalenado fans prevent heat loss by equalizing facility temperatures.
Whalenado fans provide a cooling benifit on employees skin of 5-9°C

Prevent Lost Heat In Winters


Assist in equalizing facility temperatures preventing heat loss.


Reduce temperature differential between floor/ceiling & front/back.

Keep Summers Cool


Air flow results in an evaporative cooling benefit of 5-9°C.


6% savings per degree when you raise the air conditioner thermostat.

Learn more about how HVLS fans reduce energy usage

Whalenado Airfoils

Whalenado airfoils are engineered to extend the life of your fan by preventing blade vibration that results in efficient operation and energy usage.

Perfected aerodynamic airfoil design, Whalenado fans provide coverage over larger areas while resulting in an evaporative cooling benefit of 5-9° C.

Whalenado airfoils have 3x higher angles due to the innovative leading edge technology

Whalenado airfoil angles are 3x higher then competitive models producing larger areas of coverage.

Non-disruptive airflow is evenly distributed resulting in constant/even temperatures.

Whalenado HVLS fan edge and airfoil can be customized to match corporate colours or facility design needs

Whalenado airfoil colours can be customized to match interior design or corporate branding requirements.

Nord™ Gearmotors

Whalenado fans use NORD™ In-line heavy duty gearmotors that are engineered using a one piece Unicase™ design.


Whalenado motors produce superior performance without the need for high power consumption.


Germany owned company.

Whalenado HVLS fans use Nord gearmotors, made in Germany
Whalenado HVLS fan control panel

Control Panel

Variable frequency drive provides soft start and

full variable speed operation.


1 VFD to operate 1 fan.

Mounted Solutions

Whalenado HVLS Fans mount fast and secure.


Buildings require less units compared to traditional ventilation fan systems.



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5 Size Options Available

Whalenado fans available in 8 foot, 12 foot, 16 foot, 20 foot and 24 foot size options
Whalenado Blades and Hub are are covered by a lifetime warranty
Whalenado Nord Gearmotors are are covered by a professtional limited warranty

Top Warranties

Class leading Lifetime warranty on Whalenado blades and hub.


Whalenado fans require less maintenance resulting in recommended inspections every 20,000 hours of operation.

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