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Are Whalenado HVLS Fans available in my city/region?

Whalenado HVLS fans are available across North America with distribution networks across the globe. Currently our distributor network is expanding in the United States of America starting February 2015.


How do I become an official Whalenado HVLS Fan distributor?

To start the process, complete our online form or call 1-844-286-NADO (6236). A Whalenado team member will be in touch shortly.


What are the main benefits of selling Whalenado HVLS Fans?

Everything! The Whalenado HVLS fan was designed to offer customers a long term, low cost solution to lower their energy bills and improve working conditions for employees. A Whalenado HVLS fan will:

  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Provide a cooling effect during summer months
  • Prevents condensation and moisture build-up
  • Prevent wasted energy consumption through HVAC equipment
  • Low cost maintenance and operation
  • Qualifies for LEED projects and initiatives


What separates a Whalenado from other competitor models?

The Whalenado HVLS fan uses a patented technology developed and tested through Harvard University and the U.S. Naval Academy. This technology allows the Whalenado to use a larger airfoil design to move more air with less resistance. This perfected green edge can work effortlessly preventing strain on the motor like some other competitive models.


We can move more air with less airfoils to provide superior results.


Do you require minimum order quantities?

No. We have developed an industry leading ordering system to allow you to order 1 to 1,000 units effortlessly. Based on your quantities - you can sometimes experience volume incentives or third party discounts through lower shipping rates for container shipments.


I have never sold a fan before, do you offer training?

We offer support and informational training to educate both yourself and customer on the benefits of HVLS fans and Whalenado HVLS fan technology. Combined with our industry leading order system, you will be able to calculate and evaluate the ideal fan quantity and placement for your customer.


How many fans are required to lower my customers heating and/or cooling bills?

Each location is unique and should be evaluated with an on site energy evaluation. Since Whalenado HVLS fans affect such a large radius, calculating a buildings size, ceiling height, type of heating and use are all required. With this easy to obtain information, you will be able to determine the quantity and size(s) of the optimal unit quantity.


We have a question or enquiry not listed on this page yet?

For an immediate answer regarding our fans, processes and programs please call 1-844-286-NADO (6236) or complete our online form to have a team member contact you directly.


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