+ Get A Fast Return On Your Investment

When you purchase and install a Whalenado HVLS fans, you will see immediate cost savings with lower energy bills and may be eligible for additional promotional rebates from local utility suppliers.

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October - April

Stop Loosing Heat During The Winter

Recirculate air and stop letting rising heat escape your facility!

Destratification prevents heat loss and can increase the comfort of your employees

Did You Know...


An HVLS Fan will help complete your heating solution by preventing heat from escaping from the roof of your building

Primary Advantages

● Equalizes facility temperatures preventing heat loss.

● Prevent temperature differential between floor/ceiling & front/back.

● Reduces amount of ductwork needed during initial builds.

● Increase employee comfort, productivity and safety.

May - September

Keeps Facilities Cool During Summer

Ensure staff are efficient and comfortable to maximize productivity.

Whalenado fans provide a cooling benefit of 5-9 degrees C on employee skin

Did You Know...


Canadian Law mandates that employers provide scheduled breaks based on internal working temperatures.

Primary Advantages

● Air flow results in an evaporative cooling benefit of 5-9° C working temperatures on employees skin.

● Up to 6% cost savings per degree thermostat on air conditioner is raised.

Stop Overpaying For the Basics

Whalenado HVLS fans do more work, with less energy to save you money.

1 24FT Whalenado performance is equal to 30 36FT ceiling fans

With a Nord Gearmotor, Whalenado HVLS fans work harder and smarter requiring less power to operate. Reduce your utility bills when you switch from old conventional white ceiling fans to energy efficient Whalenado's.

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