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Learn more about how adding HVLS fans into your next project (or existing project) will provide benefits for employees and also help reduce tenants energy bills.


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Whalenado HVLS Fans Provide Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling occurs when a Whalenado HVLS fan produces air movement that touches moisture against an employees skin. This contact results in the moisture being evaporated, providing a cooling benefit.


In addition to preventing downtime, air circulation will also help your air conditioning circulate more effectively. With the ability to move more air at low speeds, the HVLS fan will hep equalize temperatures and reduce constant output from your HVAC systems.

Whalenado HVLS Fans Simplify Ceiling Fan Installations

In all cases, the installation of Whalenado HVLS fans will move more air then multiple standard white ceiling fans seen in most buildings.


Once we calculate the total size, we strategically place HVLS fans to cover the largest area possible. Above you can see how one 24 foot Whalenado HVLS fan can effectively turnover the same air moved by 19, 3 foot white ceiling fans.


Curious how many Whalenado HVLS fans you would need to destratisfy your building and start saving on energy savings?

1 24FT Whalenado performance is equal to 30 36FT ceiling fans

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