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16 Foot Whalenado HVLS Fan Shown Above


To meet growing business and success, Road Sport Honda needed a solution that would solve the increase of exhaust fumes and chemical odors in their multi bay service area. With their service bays full daily, emission needed to be dispersed.



Winter Energy Savings*




Yearly Reduction In Operating Costs*




Summer Energy Savings*



Harnessing the high volume airflow of the Whalenado HVLS fan when it operates, the entire service area has seen a dramatic improvement by air being moved and not concentrated. An added benefit in the summer months includes employees being cooled when air touches the skin creating an evaporative cooling effect of up to 16 degrees F.


Additionally, with the large effective diameter of the fan, heat is pushed down during winter months reducing energy consumption by over $850 each year. Here an added incentive was offered by the local utility to help lower the purchase price.

*Energy savings are custom built and based on each building/location. Annual gas savings are based on current rate on the date this case is published does not include annual inflation which could be higher. Some terms and conditions may apply.

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