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Blanco Distribution Centre Case Study


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Blanco needed a solution as innovative as their products to help regulate interior temperatures at their Canadian warehouse. With over 57,500 sq/ft of product situated on racking, evenly distributing air was difficult and energy consuming



Winter Energy Savings*




Yearly Reduction In Operating Costs*




Summer Energy Savings*



After running an energy audit on the interior of the building, a strategically placed HVLS fan location was established to  circulate the air throughout the entire building.


By recirculating the air, the entire building now experiences equalized temperatures . In addition, this energy efficient HVLS fan has resulted in the decommissioning of several older fans.


Winter Savings: Push hot rising air down to equalize the building interior temperature reducing strain on diffusers.


Summer Improvements: Circulating air creates an evaporative cooling effect on employees skin.

*Energy savings are custom built and based on each building/location. Annual gas savings are based on current rate on the date this case is published does not include annual inflation which could be higher. Some terms and conditions may apply.

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